Instant Visibility

Our Workflow Library provides a simple 1 page summary of your entire business including all the following workflow metrics.

Cycle time
Waiting time
Waste analysis
Value Added analysis
Cost analysis
Customer sentiment analysis
Comparisons of expected vs actual

Workflow Library

Simple mind map functionality to create your entire organisation's process library – your hierarchy of business processes.

Analyse all the workflows across your organisation with 1 click.

Cycle time analysis

Gain an understanding of how long your workflows are actual taking.

Waiting time analysis

See how much time is spent waiting in each of your workflows.

Value Added analysis

Quickly understand which steps in your workflows are adding value to your customers.

Six Sigma Waste analysis

Identify where the wastes are within all of your workflows.

Cost analysis

See exactly what your workflows are costing from a resource perspective. 

Sentiment analysis

See which workflows are creating the best (or worst) customer sentiment.

Comparison analysis

Compare your expected results (from the Workflow definitions) to the actual results (aggregated from all the Workflow instances) for each of the analysis options above. 

Creative design


Engage your team with our
integrated VR training

Utilise our immersive technology to train your users on your business processes and achieve engagement, recall and excitement from your team.

Workflow Training Documentation

Proper communication of a business process to its users is key to its successful implementation. For each business process you create in the Desktop Designer, you can export a document that describes the process flow. The document is exported in PDF and contains descriptions of the process elements organized in an easy-to-read workflow – perfect for introducing the business process to the users and employee training.

Immersive training

Utilise our virtual reality training platform to engage your team on your business processes.

Process Maps

Export your workflows into standard process maps. 

Training Manual

Export your workflows and all the corresponding step and task information into an easy PDF format.